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        I'm getting trouble debugging an HLS Live stream.

        This is a custom stream I'm building with 2-seconds segments.

        When I play it in Safari, I may encoutner issues where the HLS stops playing suddenly. If I run simulataneously mediastreamvalidator, I see an error such as: "Error injecting segment data" between two successful media file fetching. Then, when I stop the mediastreamvalidator, I get the following error message:


        Error: Playlist vs segment duration mismatch
        --> Detail:  Segment duration -70.1860, Playlist duration: 3.9340
        --> Source:  5a2851b8353613a52e32a2853606401000000broadcast.m3u8 - https://068669b434-live.optimicdn.com/5a2851b8353613a52e32a285543606401000000broadcastc1b4df77-3218-472b-8703-3a12a941f6dd.ts


        It seems the error is caused by a duration issue but I definitely don't understand the error message.


        Can you please help me figuring out what is "Playlist duration" and the "Segment duration" because it defintely doesn't look like any duration I use in my playlists.


        3.9340 looks like 2 times the duration of a segment which might be a little less than 2 seconds sometimes.


        The playlist looks like this:



        Thank you very much for your help, I'm stuck with this errors for several days now.