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        Hi, thanks for MusicKit.

        Using the sample app provided at: https://developer.apple.com/musickit/


        The UI will freeze when selecting a song. This is linked to MPMusicPlayerController, which sets the queueIDs of the songs. It is particularly noticeable when selecting multiple songs in a tableView or collectionView. If I select a cell in a collectionView that is associated with MPMusicPlayer's prepareToPlay method, and then quickly select another cell, The UI will almost always freeze. This is not a good user experience.


        What can we do to improve MPMusicPlayerController? prepareToPlay will download the song to the device, but can this be dispatched to a background thread? My app experience could be extremely improved, even entertaining, if this can be fixed!


        Can anyone give some pointers, or discuss MPMusicPlayerController with me?


        I would like to continue working and building with MusicKit, it would be excellent if we can move these download tasks to background threads to free up the UI