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        I have been using iOS, since iOS 9. With iOS 11. I am partially satisfied. Since, iOS 11 is purely 64 bit architecture, you just can’t run 32 hit apps and games. Even some games from Gameloft aren’t optimised for iOS 11. I know about the apple nature of unsigning firmware, I respect that, but Apple should atleast sign the latest versions of previous iOS (i.e 10.3.3). And we all know, when the iPhone 6 was came, the apps weren’t full screen, and took a long time to make it compatible with the bigger iPhones. As the iOS changes design over the years. The older design is being killed, and a new iOS is released, with a new design. We should think it from a design perspective, not as a new and better design. Both the Whitish-Transparent, and the transparent design are the best, but i would prefer clean transparency (iOS 9) design.