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        Hi everyone,



        I'm looking for distribution methods of iOS enterprise apps, where neither the public app store, nor MDM is an option. Custom B2B + VPP redemption codes seemed like out best bet, however a few questions came up that question whether this can be a scalable alternative:



        1. Limits on targeting: Does VPP allow to assign apps to non-employees via redemption codes? Are there any limitations on whom a license can be assigned to?

        2. Country assignment: I've read in this post (https://forums.developer.apple.com/message/211200) that a redemption code can only be used in the country's app store, that it has been generated with. Does that mean there is no way to have universal redemption codes for a free Custom B2B app that can be used in various app stores around the world? This would be a deal breaker for us, as target groups are usually spread throughout multiple countries.

        3. Future of redemption codes: Are redemption codes are a future-proof method that Apple plans to support for at least a few more years or would it be somewhat risky to plan a scalable business based on that?

        4. Limits for redemption codes: When buying licenses / generating redemption codes, there seems to be a limit of 25,000 codes per week. Is there any way around this? We do have customers with hundreds of thousands of employees that would plan to assign codes, as MDM is not an option with personal phones and strict data protection laws from worker councils.

        5. API: Is there an API for generating/exporting redemption codes from the VPP or is the spreadsheet export the only option?

        6. Ownership of VPP: Apple suggests that the developer submits the app as custom B2B targeted to a client, who owns an VPP membership in order to distribute to their end users (employees, partners, contracters, ...). So far correct?

          6.1. Own VPP: Would it also be possible if the developer uses its own VPP program to directly distribute the apps to the end users of a specific client via access codes / direct links?

          6.2. Agency VPP: Alternatively, would it be possible if the developer submits multiple apps to ONE agency's VPP, which distributes the apps to the end users of multiple clients?

        7. Availability: The VPP program is only available to 34 countries. Does Apple plan to support more in the future? Do you have any information on timelines?



        Any help is highly appreciated, as documentation on some VPP details, specifically regarding redemption codes, is quite scarce.



        Thank you very much!

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          I've got a couple of responses while talking to someone from the Apple Developer Relations Team:


          1. Limits on targeting: The VPP is intended to distribute apps to members of your organization, such as employees. This excludes partners, resellers, candidates, etc.

          2. Country assignment: As assumed, a redemption code can only be used with the store of the same country as the VPP program is assigned to. In order to target users from multiple countries with redemption codes, a distributer would need to get VPP programs in each country (requiring D-U-N-S and legal entity).

          3. Future of redemption codes: Apple cannot speak about future changes to the method at this time.

          4. Limits for redemption codes: Confirmed that the limit is 25,000/week, generating the full amount each week is technically allowed. I've asked for any numbers on what some large installations use in real-world scenarios, but they were not able to speak about that.

          5. API: No API other than the spreadsheet export.

          6. Ownership of VPP: It is not allowed that a developer or agency distributes the app via VPP to employees of another or even multiple companies. It is intended that the company of the target user hosts the VPP program themselves. Only exception could be if there is one specific agency exclusively catering this one company, then it could be ok that they distribute the app. However they would only be allowed to do that for one customer.

          7. Availability: No information on plans to extend to further countries, at least none they could share.
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            So, i can not send a url to open the update page?


            like normal app.


            it's so stupid!