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        macOS User here. I tried to use OpenGL (C++) and experienced some big problems.

        1. Several Libs aren't able to get a gl context above 2.1, and the ones who can are magically wrapping some cocoa/obj-c/.. crap to get it working.

        2. Max OpenGL context is 4.1, its half a decade old => so no compute shaders (why?)

        3. Implementation missing some important extensions / debug capabilities

        4. Implementation is buggy as ****: I had big problems with some debug functions that simply did not work correct. They worked everywhere but on mac.


        I draw the conclusion from this, that i am not able to use macOS for OpenGL dev in the future.


        So what i can i do about it? Is there any way i can develop cross-platform graphics? Will Apple integrate Vulkan in favor of supporting OpenGL any further?


        Metal is not an option because it is mac-only and it forces me to use Obj-c.