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        I'm try to use the iOs Au Sampler loading an instrument of type kInstrumentType_EXS24.

        Following the Technical Note TN2283, I'm loading all samples associated to the .exs file in [My app bunde]/Sounds/_my_wave_file.wav but when I load the exs files I recevice this message:

        MusicFit[16452:373666] 376: Failed to locate sample 'Acoustic%20Guitar_conso%239FC40.wav -- file:///Library/Application%20Support/Logic/EXS%20Factory%20Samples/07%20Guitars/02%20Acoustic%20Guitars/'

        2017-10-25 15:30:54.858333+0200 MusicFit[16452:373666] 377: EXCEPTION (-43): "Failed to locate sample"

        2017-10-25 15:30:54.858485+0200 MusicFit[16452:373666] 500: GlobalState::LoadEXS24Instrument: Load failed


        I'm tryng with different other exs banks, but it seems that every time the sampler does not find the .wav files associated to the bank.


        Could someone helps me in figuring out witch is the correct path where I have to put the .wav samples?

        I am running xCode 9 with iOs11.


        Thanks for your support.

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          I believe that the tech notes indicate that in order for the iOS system to locate samples which were originally part of the OSX installed sample set for EXS24 samples, you must place your samples inside your app in a path which matches the *entire* original path starting immediately below "/Library/Application Support/Logic/".  So for the sample you mention, it would have to be located in:


          <BUNDLE_DIR>/EXS Factor Samples/07 Guitars/02 Acoustic Guitars/


          This is due to the fact that Logic and Garage Band store *many* things at the "/Library/Application Support/Logic/" level, and this is the only way to guarantee that the iOS app can tell the difference.