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        According to the AppKit release notes for macOS High Sierra (10.13):


        "It is now possible to provide your own menu items for the standard window tabbing methods:




        Simply create items in IB and add them to appropriate menus and the system will avoid adding its own menu items. This allows more customization of the placement of such menu items."




        Well, I tried that and it just does not work.


        1. I've created a new Cocoa app document based project.

        2. I've added a Show Tab Bar menu item to the Window menu in the MainMenu.xib

        3. I've connected this menu item to the toggleTabBar: method of the firstResponder.

        4. I've built and run the app.




        - there is a Show Tab Bar menu item in the Window menu that works fine.




        - the Show Tab Bar menu item is still visible in the View menu and working fine too.




        Am I missing something or should a bug report be filed against both the release notes and App Kit?