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        Using the INSearchForAccountsIntent to retrieve a list of accounts and balances.  Our app name is a name like PSECU, e.g. an abbreviated well known name of a credit union.  This is the CFBundleDisplayName.


        When the accounts are displayed, a header "Here are your PSECU accounts:" appears, and is read aloud by Siri.  Siri doesn't know what a PSECU is, and attempts to pronounce it, it comes out sounding like "C-Q".


        Is there a means to teach Siri the pronunciation of this?  I've already tried some things with INAlternativeAppNames in PLIST, to no avail.


        Any guidance would be greatly appreciated ... the current behavior is badly mangling important branding/naming identity.  PSECU should be read as the series of letters P S E C U.