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        Hi Guys,


        We are aware that Apple have already included the media autoplay blocking mechanism in the Safari browsers. We strongly agree on this step to minimize abusive use of annoying video advertisements that plays annoying audio loud enough to blast a hole on your sound system.


        But what we are not really aware of is if Apple have reserved a way to facilitate autoplay for websites that offer protected premium LIVE streaming services like ours. Could you guys point us to where we might find this?


        This autoplay block is really affecting the user experience on our service and we are receiving a lot of complains from customers. Instructing our clients to enable autoplay manually on Safari for our website is really becoming costly for us.


        Bigger streaming websites such as youtube doesnt seem to be affected by these changes. Probably because of some exceptions of the rules that are pre-installed on Safari or in the way they are using autoplay. Would you guys be kindly enough to tell us how youtube is able to use autoplay while others cannot? Is it because of some special agreement they have with Apple or is there any established rules that we need to comply in our code to make Safari enable autoplay for our application?


        Best regards,