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        Hi TestFlight Team,



        TestFlight is a really useful tool, thank you for all of the work you do on it.



        One area that could use some improvement is the amount of time for a build intended for external testers spends in “Waiting for Review”. When you’re trying to push an important fix, particularly on a minor dot update, having to wait days before it can be tested results in a bad user experience.



        Is improving the “Waiting for Review” times a high priority on your todo list? Is there anything developers can do to minimize the time?



        Thank you in advance,


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          We second everything in the above message. Getting a review for an going to external testers should be faster then to the general public. Having it the other way around is how mistakes get made. Internal testers is fine for people who test everything but for specific problems that involve particular devices, or a particular OS, etc. external testers are needed.