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        When I add an SCNLookAtConstraint  in ARKit to a node that moves about (when it contains a directional light or a it of geometry) the node becomes invisible. You cannot see the geometry and you cannot see the light coming from it. Exactly the same code in a regualr scenekit simulaiton works fine.


           directionalLight = SCNLight()

                directionalLight?.type = .directional

                lightNode?.light = directionalLight

                directionalLight?.castsShadow = true

                directionalLight?.shadowColor = UIColor.black

                directionalLight?.intensity = defaultLightIntensity

                directionalLight?.shadowRadius = 1.2

                directionalLight?.zFar = 500

                directionalLight?.zNear = 0

                directionalLight?.orthographicScale = 10

                directionalLight?.shadowSampleCount = 1

                directionalLight?.temperature = 5500

                directionalLight?.shadowMode = .forward

                let constraint = SCNLookAtConstraint(target: virtualObject)

                lightNode?.constraints = [constraint]


        if I comment out the constraint the light works (but is pointing at the same direction all the time) and I can see the geometry I have added but add the constraint and it's invisible and there's no light.


        Is this a bug, do I ahve to work out my own rotations?