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        Hello, I have some problems with this example. I'm using HLS technology and the videojs player. What I'm need to do is to simulate a HLS live streaming so viewers believe that is a live video. That's why I used a live playlist. it could start from an specific time. It works OK on iphones, androids, and Linux or windows chrome.

        But the problem is on Mac and Safari, i don't know why after some minutes the player jumps the video backwards and continues from a previous time but the "player.currentTime" doesn't change. What I saw in the network is that sometimes the player download a better resolution .m3u8 playlist and starts to download that segments but suddenly it downloads too old segments like in the picture jumps from webinar-48.ts to webinar-6.ts or webinar-0.ts So probably that is the jump but why?

        Any one have an idea about what is happening here?

        Also i would like to know if anyone can create a correct masterPlaylist, because when i use the mediastreamvalidator on IOS i was only manage to reduce the bandwidth error to a 25% and the docs says it must be less than 10%. I don't know to exactly calculate the bandwidth.

        is it like this: The segment bit rate of a Media Segment is the size of the Media Segment divided by its EXTINF duration (Section ??



        Could be because is mandatory to update the playlist file in less than X minutes or seconds ?



        I know that safari use the native playback I forgot to mention that but i was asking in case anyone can give some tip.



        So probably is something wrong with my MasterPlaylist and LivePlaylist. Anyone have some url to a LIVE masterPlaylist that works Ok on Safari?



        Safari version 10.1.2 (12603.3.8)

        mac mini MacOS sierra version 10.12.6



        i'll send you a test page if you can take a look to my master playlist and playlist



        the image



        Any help would be nice! thanks