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        I already asked this question on StackOverflow (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46211606/xcodebuild-archive-always-performs-a-clean-build) but figured that here would be a more appropriate place for xcodebuild related questions, especially since it has Apple Eng's visibility.


        Every time I run xcodebuild ...params... archive it performs a clean build without reusing the cache from a previous build.


        While I understand the motivation behind it, it has serious consequences on my CI build times because I generate an IPA for every push. Since my workspace has a Pods project (unlikely to change between commits) and an App project (changing all the time) I'm looking for a way to cache the Pods compilation phase somehow – which xcodebuild archive doesn't seem to allow.


        Is there a way to force using the cache when archiving? Is there any other way to cache the archived version of Pods?