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        Apple's new guidelines are destroying legal and honest business models around the world! are the white label apps! my company develops delivery apps for restaurants! Obviously every restaurant wants to have its own app "to offer an alternative to big marketplace's like UberEATS for example. The review team suggested that we create a" container app "with all our customers inside, but this is not a compelling business model for small restaurant owners! they do not want a unique app that include them and their competitors Apple PLEASE RECONSIDER THE GUIDELINE 4.2.6 Business models like us in the world are ending up We are not creating SPAM, let alone clones of bad quality, we just want to work.

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          I have developed an app through an app generating service (I create the content and they upload it).


          We have been locked out now of any further changes because of this rule.  Its insane!  I couldn't have made  my dream come true in developing this app without the platform of Good Barber (for God's sake, I am a teacher and mother of two and 50 years old!  I did it with the assistance of this amazing and affordable service).


          What now apple? What is the reason for this crazy rule?


          Please help us understand.  this app has been out for more than a year now too.


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