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        Hello, we recently upload our first application, and everything was fine. The problem comes when we upload an update of the app. We have found two issues, both of them reported by the same user:


        -The App Store doesn't download automatically the application (The user has this feature activated)

        -The App Store doesn't show there's an update of the app, it only shows the "Open" button. This is really weird, because if you check the app version, it shows that it's different than the installed, but doesn't show the "update" button anyways.


        Who is the one the blame? It's something we are doing wrong, like some kind of "configuration" of the app? Or it's a bug of the App Store?


        We can check if the installed version is the same of the app store, but if the "Update" button doesn't appear, what could we do?


        PD: I saw similar questions on this forums, but unanswered.


        Thanks you.