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        iPad 4 iOS 10.2.1


        iPad 4 freezing, rebooting — cannot update, backup or restore


        I have tried to update, backup or restore my iPad because it is on a cycle of freezing and rebooting. None of these options work because the iPad never stays on long enough to complete anything.

        iTunes reads that I've never backed it up to iCloud, which is not true and should actually be within the last 24 hours. Not sure if this has anything to do with anything…

        When I do try to backup to the drive it gets hung up on Step 2 of 4.

        Any suggestions on how to make my iPad operable again?!


        Edit/update 14 Sep 2017:

        Since no one has been able to provide a response, I have now updated this issue in hopes of an overall response.


        I have tried to restore my iPad (64 GB), but cannot because there "isn't enough space" on my SDD, which is strange because I had at least 100GB free.


        But I transfered oodles of files (over 350 GB) to external drives anyway to free up more space. Finder shows this as free space (now almost 500GB). However, it is now sitting in Purgeable purgatory and Mac Storage and Disk Utility show only 35 GB (it was 56 GB when I started moving files) of free space. The more I take off the drive, the less free space I have????!


        I have:

        • reindexed Spotlight.
        • read all the articles on Purgeable and Optimizing space. I am not trying to access old and rarely used files. I want the space back I just took off the drive.
        • turned off Optimize my Mac.
        • I have restarted.
        • run first aid


        Just now removed another 144 GB: Mac Storage now reads as over 600 GB available, Disk Utility reads as 37 GB available (9,89 purgeable). I still cannot access the 600GB of free space.