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        Years ago I created a developer account on here associated with me as an individual. After my business grew, I converted it into a business account instead of an individual account. Things didn't work out though and I had to close my busniess.


        Since I can't convert the account back to an individual account, I created a new account. But now iTunes Connect is complaining that an account under my name/address/SNN/etc. already exists when I try to fill out my W9 form. That's kind of true, seeing as I used to have an individual account. But there's literally nothing I can do to fix this. I'm completely baffled at this situation, as I was even recommended to create a new individual account to solve my predicament by Apple Developer Support.


        I've sent the iTunes Connect tax & banking an email, but who knows what good that'll do. To be honest I've never had good luck with them.


        If they don't accept my W-9 still, what are my options?