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        Hi -


        Old MBPs (and other machines?) use to make a sound when they were powered on -- but my machine no longer does this.  I have a late '16 15" MBP w/ touch bar, etc. 


        When I press the power button, it takes around 15 seconds before the apple logo appears.  I often can't tell if the machine is starting up or not -- so I just wait 15 seconds and HOPE it's starting... only a few times has it not started up, at which point I press the power and wait 15 seconds more and hope it starts.


        ( 1 ) What is the normal start up time before a sound or screen light is expected to be seen?

        ( 2 ) Is there any way to make the machine make a sound when it is powered on/up so I KNOW it is actually starting up?



        ps:  Oh, and my machine continues to lock up (ie: crash after 30+ seconds?) after trying to "wake" ...  started with last update before beta, continues through all betas -- including after a fresh install and no software installed other than OS.