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        I'm trying to use the NEHotspotConfigurationManager to connect to a specific hotspot. According to the documentation at https://developer.apple.com/documentation/networkextension only the NEHotspotHelper class requires the additional entitlements:


        Except when you use the NEHotspotHelper class, you do not need to obtain entitlements from
        Apple to use Network Extension classes.


        However, when I try to use the NEHotspotConfigurationManager it fails with

        NEHotspotConfigurationHelper failed to communicate to helper server


        In the system log console I can see that the entitlement indeed seems to be required, contradicting the documentation:

        +[NEHelperHotspotConfiguration:274  NEHelperHotspotConfigurationManager process HotspotTest[261] is
        missing the com.apple.developer.networking.HotspotConfiguration entitlement.


        I see no reason for the entitlement, because the user is supposed to see a confirmation dialog box (as per the documentation) when a new configuration is applied.


        Can anyone please shed some light on this?