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        I have a question about application architecture.  I'm working on an app for the food / entertainment industry where a single app is supposed to cater to multiple restaurants and bars, each of which have different requirements in terms of look and feel, and even data points.  I've come up with an architecture that will combine data / html template server-side and JSON it over to the mobile app on a device, which will then display it.  Based on that, the mobile app will basically simply keep track of navigation, and know which location / restaurant it is working with.  It will send API requests to the server, which in turn will gather up all meta-data, html template, and data, combine it, and send it back to the mobile app.  Is this an acceptable architecture, or do most, if not all of the templates / resources should be available on the mobile app ahead of time, and only pure data is allowed to come down from the API?


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               >cater to multiple restaurants and bars


          You may want to see this recent thread before you go any further...

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            It sounds like you are creating one app that will be used by multiple restaurants.  (If you are thinking of creating multiple apps, one for each restaurant, then you may run into the 'spam' issue reported on this forum.)  What you propose will work fine.  You may want to download and save the information for later use - and therefore not need to re-downlaod it each time the user enters a geo fence area.