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        After upgrading to beta 4, our kernel extension fails to load. I'm aware of the changes High Sierra made for "Secure Kernel Extension loading" (as stupid of a name as that is), but this appears unrelated.


        kextutil seems to complain about an "insecure location", despite us using the location provided by the OS:

        homer$ sudo kextutil /Library/Extensions/MyKext.kext

        Kext rejected due to insecure location: <OSKext 0x7f8b2cc3fb60 [0x7fffb1bb7260]> { URL = "file:/ "com.foo.mykext" } Rejecting invalid/inauthentic kext for bundle id com.foo.mykext at location file://Library/Extensions/MyKext.kext


        Has anybody else seen this? Should I file a bug?