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        While installing High Sierra on my Late 2013 Macbook Pro, the computer unexpectedly restarted, showing a black screen with "Your computer restarted because of a problem" in several languages. After it attempted to restart, it just kept going back to this error, until I manually powered down the machine myself. After this, the installation completed successfully.


        However, while using the Macbook, it frequently restarts and gives this message, and like before usually does this on a loop until it finally boots succesfully. After the first error message, it tried to reboots, and after I enter the Filevault password, boots until the progress bar is about two thirds full before displaying the error screen. This will repeat several times, and often bootss successfully again when I manually hold down the power button and boot manually.


        Often the error screen will appear when I open the laptop while it's been sleeping for some time, but can happen anytime.


        Anyone getting similar problems? I'm using the new file system offered at the install screen, don't know if it could be related to this?