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        In Safari 11.0 (12604. with the embedded player we can read an encrypted with fairplay HLS content containing AAC-LC audio files (.aac) and MPEG-2 TS for video files (.ts). It works !


        We try to do the same with an encrypted with fairplay HLS content containing HE-AAC-V2 audio files (.aac) and MPEG-2 TS for video files (.ts). But the video started but stopped after the first image and the sound is not played. No error shown in console. we try to use media stream validator tool from apple but it does not show any error on this stream.


        Has someone already faced the same kind of problem ?

        We are guessing it's a signalisation problem but can't understand where is the trick with this signalisation ?

        Explicit or implicit signalisation of the audio (AudioSpecificConfig)?

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          Hi Pom35vp,


          I also faced this problem as well.


          For CLEAR HLS packaged wtih HE-AAC, the clear version could be played with on my safari v11.1.2.

          For HLS FAIRPLAY packaged with HE-AAC, the encrypted version is unable to be played.


          The result is similar to your description:  the video cannot be started and then stopped immediately. In the browser console showed that the m3u8 and ts are downloaded as usual. I found the https call to FPS server too. In our FPS server, the license is returned as usual.


          Since the HLS HE-AAC Clear could be played on the safari, the video files should be no problem.

          The issue should be something related to the encryption in transcoder or decryption in Safari.