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        I'd like to delete my Boot Camp Windows 10 partition.

        I've just upgraded to the High Sierra (10.13) Beta (17A291m), meaning now I also have the APFS.


        However, when I open the Boot Camp application and only select "Install or remove Windows 7 or later", I am only shown this screen;



        As you can see, the bottom option is not available.

        (If I select "Macintosh HD, VM" it says "This disk is your macOS startup disk and appears to have been partitioned by another utility.")


        However, I can also not remove it via Disk Utility, which shows this;


        Thus I can also not delete the partition.


        How can I remove my Windows 10 partition?

        Any advise would be immensely appreciated!


        Kind regards,



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          The only way I have found is to commplete deleate evreything reformat main disk and reinstall mac os..Hope this is fixed before offical release.

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            The instructions here are helpful.




            Basically, you need to command-shift-option-R reboot into the internet recovery utility, open a terminal and use "diskutil" and "gpt" to remove the partitions. At that point, you can reboot back into MacOS, open the usual DiskUtility.app and then remove the "empty space" you now have on your hard drive. That empty space will be refilled by your original partition.



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              I ha a similar issue and got two responses from Apple after emailing Tim Cook. They are below, hopefully they will be useful. I did things slightly differently, basically boot into recovery mode, the open disk utility, thus should allow you to remove the boot partition or bootcamp. It goes without say BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP before trying this as you may have to format both partitions/containers and then delete one and resize the on the disk utility lets you. However, the official method from Apple is as below


              These are two answers I got directly from Apple after emailing Tim Cook yesterday

              We are clearly lacking some documentation (and probably a feature in Disk Utility). However, you can achieve the removal using Boot Camp assistant.

              Launch Boot Camp Assistant Click the Continue button You should now see a “Restore Disk to a Single Partition” screen. Click Restore, enter password

              Your system will now remove the windows partition.

              Sorry our experience didn’t meet your expectations. I’ll work with my engineering teams and AppleCare to get this addressed.

              You tube link

              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jy7McSE_NfI https://www.macworld.com/article/1156195/mac-apps/delete-boot-camp.html


              Getting rid of Boot Camp is super simple, you use boot camp assistant to remove what it may have created. There’s a handy YouTube video which explains this process here:


              I’m interested in why the install failed, so before you do this if you can help us by collecting some information, great. If you don’t have time for, that’s cool too.

              Using the Boot Camp Assistant to to remove the BootCamp partition:

                1 Start the Boot Camp Assistant from the Utilities folder.

                2 At the Boot Camp Assistant Welcome Screen click Next.

                3 If the Boot Camp Assistant cannot remove the partition it will error here. If it can then you will get another dialog asking you to restore the drive (i.e. remove the Boot Camp partition).

              How to create Sysdiagnose logs:

                1 Launch Terminal from the Utilities folder in Applications.

                2 Type: “sudo sysdiagnose” and hit the “return” button

                3 Type in your password (for sudo)

                4 It will prompt you to press ‘Enter’ to continue. Press the return button to continue.

              Once the logs have been gathered they will be compressed into a .gz file and created in the /tmp location. A finder window will pop up also once the file is created with the correct location. We need that file as well.

              Sometimes the Boot Camp Assistant fails on the first install, we are looking into this issue, if you see a failure we’ve seen reports that attempting a second install will be successful.

              I have removed the Apple employee names, in line with GDPR. I hope this helps people