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        1. how the iphone ips display are made off?

        2.how the iphone chipset are help to play heavy games?

        3.how the chipset are made with how the power elements are connected with?

        4.how the camera lenes are zoomed and how many lenes are there in iphone ?

        5. how the flash are help to get bright light just in one click in software ?

        6. how the touch id are made to unlock the iphone ?

        7. how the 3.5 mm headphone jack enable us to listen songs?

        8. how the toggle up and down switch disble the ringer ?

        9. how retina hd display wallpers moves while we move our hand ?

        10.how ios software are made up ?

        11.how the home button has 3 things in just 1 (touch id, back button, remove earlier apps )

        12. how many hardware are there in iphone ?

        13. how the battery are made with?

        14. how many lenes are in front facing camera?

        15.how many microphones are there in iphone?

        16. how the LTE bands are made and how it helps us to get 3g 4g internet or calling ?

        17. how home button enables siri ?

        18. how hey siri is avalaible with only with our voice ?