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        Records in the public database are initialized with CREATE permission for authenticated Users.

        Changing the permissions to CREATE, READ, WRITE in the development environment and clicking "Save Role" leads to an endless refresh-spinner, very high CPU usage, beachballs and a very slow website-performance for me. The website freezes in this state. After reloading the site the Role-permissions are not updated.

        Because of this problem it's not possible for me to update Roles and deploy them to the production environment, which means that some features of my app in production are not working correctly.


        Steps to Reproduce:

        - Create a new record in the public database of the development environment

        - Navigate to "Security Roles" -> "Authenticated" and change the permissions to CREATE, READ, WRITE

        - Click the "Save Role"-Button


        Does anyone else have this problem?

        There's nothing I can do to fix my problem until I can change the permissions for authenticated users...

        I like some of the new usage and telemetry graphs, but all in all the new Cloudkit Dashboard has unfortunately been a huge step backwards for me. The features I use most are much harder for me to reach and it's really slow. If I could get back the old interface I'd immediately switch back.