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        I correctly received my testing email but once in Testflight, after a quick loading, I only get this message:

        "Couldn't Load App" "This build is no longer available" with a "try again" button (which I did press).


        What does that mean?


        *It is my first time sending Testflight invites since the latest iTuneConnect update. I had no problems with this a few months ago.

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          In a surprising turn of events, this build has been approved by the beta review process. I then sent an external tester invite to another email address on the same device... And it worked.

          The internal invitation still don't, and I'm very perplexed as to the meaning of this error. I would still like to understand, as internal testing is obviously a way to test things before sending invites wildly.

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              I encounted this same issue today, i.e., I deployed a new version of our app for testing in TestFlight only to recieve the same error "This build is no longer available". What ended up working for me was removing myself from the iTunes Connect Users list of Testers and then re-adding myself. I had to redeem a code after clicking on a link in an invitation email. Once having redeemed the code in TestFlight everything worked again and I could see the new build.