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        Hi Guys,


        We have recently encountered a problem not being able to play Faiyplay protected contents when our IOS application is used on an IPAD connected to a TV through Lightning Digital AV Adapter. The external display just shows a black screen while on the application it says "Paying through Airplay". We couldn't check the logs since we cannot connect the device to a MAC with xcode while the adapter is connected.


        So far what we have tried are the following:


        1. Set player.usesExternalPlaybackWhileExternalScreenIsActive = TRUE on the application as it was stated in the Fairplay Programming Guide.

        2. Set the HDCP enforcement to type = 0 in the CKC message (40791AC78BD5C571). Before it was set to "NOT REQUIRED" (EF72894CA7895B78).

        3. Remove the HDCP TTLV completely from the CKC message.


        But none of these worked. The problem remains the same. The screen is black as if the device refuses to play the fairplay protected content when the adapter is connected.


        Things that wre worth noting are:


        1. We receive SPC message on the CKC server from the device even though the screen is black.

        2. We tried playing the content on a MAC (connected to hdmi)  + Safari using EME and the streams worked alright. We also tried from the IPAD to send the stream through Airplay directly to an Apple TV device and it also worked. So it doesnt seemed to be a problem with the stream, nor the CKC message, nor the HDCP TTLV.

        3. We also tried to play contents from iTunes using the same IPAD + same Lightning Digital AV Adapter + Same Television and the streams worked correctly, so we doubt that it could be a problem with the device and it's HDCP support.


        Is there anything else we should investigate to get to the bottom of this issue? We must have done something wrong inside the application that might be causing the issue. Could you guys give us some more pointers to where to look?