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        I've been trying out the new new HDCP-LEVEL attribute (Draft-pantos #20) but can't figure out if it's supported or not on iOS.


        I've created a master playlist using the latest version of mediafilesegmenter/mediastreamsegmenter (--hdcp-level=<level>):


        where the attribute HDCP-LEVEL=TYPE-0 is set. The media-playlist does not


        On tvOS 10.2.1 the video plays fine on a TV connected via HDMI. If I connect the Apple TV to a HDMI-recorder the output is blocked so recording is impossible. This is what I expected.


        But on iOS it behave differently. Using the Lightning AV adapter to hook up a TV via HDMI the playback behaves like this:

        • On iOS 9.3 the video plays back without problem also when connected to the HDMI-recorder. This is as expected as 9.3 was released before draft-pantos #20.
        • On iOS 10.2.1 the image is blocked when the AV adapter is connected to a TV, the audio of the movie is playing. I was expecting video to play back fine when using HDMI to a TV supporting HDCP. iOS 10.2.1 seems to know about the new attribute but interprets it differently than tvOS.


        Is there any more settings in the playlist to make this work on iOS? Are there any references of what version of iOS supports which HLS attribute. I've found this: https://developer.apple.com/library/content/qa/qa1752/_index.html that describes Draft-pantos until #19/iOS 9.3, but no info on later versions.