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        I just got rejected for failure on IPV6-only network, but have not made any changes to networking in over a year, and have had several approvals in past 6 months.  Does anyone know if there have been recent changes to testing procedures or requirements?  My servers are not IPV6 compatible, but I do not have AAAA records.  My client does try to connect directly to IPV4 server addresses using BSD socket interface.  I will review latest networking documents more thoroughly, and set up a an IPV6 test network, but would be helpful to know if any recent changes.

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          To answer my own question, yes, it seems like they must be doing more IPV6 testing now, as my app had a bug that causes failure on NAT64 test network.  The bug occurs if you specify AI_NUMERICHOST|AI_NUMERICSERV in the hints.ai_flags field for getaddrinfo().  In that case, it returns on IVP4 address even on IPV6 only network.  Omitting those flags will result in a correctly synthesized IPV6 address from an IPV4 literal.  The other possibility is this bug was introduced in a recent version of iOS, so may app might have passed a previous app review.


          Also, FWIW I initially could not get the NAT64 test network provided by macOS Internet Sharing to work.  My phones would connect to the ipv6 wifi, but no Internet access.  I discovered I had "Configure IPV6" turned off under Network>Ethernet>Advanced settings.  Setting this to Automatic allowed the ipv6 network to work.