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        So Im on Beta 2 now of iOS 11, and Im still having trouble getting my messages to sync on iCloud. Now granted, Im hoarder and probably not the intended audience for this feature since I keep every message Ive ever sent or received, ever. So Im guessing Im sitting at 15GB of messages at this point since my start date goes back to 2011.


        Anyways, upon turning on the iCloud Messages feature and it trying to sync, I get a notification that 316 days ago (Aug 8th 2016) a message failed to send. Pressing on the notification doesnt bring up the message (how charming), and I get the notification to popup repeatedly.


        While on Beta 1, I was having this issue as well. I would wake up each morning to find the exclamation point sitting over my Messages app, assuming iCloud Messages had tried syncing over night and had run into this error and failed. I never got this message before turning on this feature.


        We are on Beta 2 now, and this message appears to be the prime culprit keeping me from syncing my messages to iCloud..... and heres the REAL question -


        HOW DO I FIND THAT MESSAGE? I already scrolled back to Aug 8th 2016 and didnt find any messages marked with the !. I scrolled gently through the list of threads since that moment, and no such luck either.


        So what now? How do I overcome this? Any ideas how to track down that one rogue text that didnt send?

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          I just installed ios 11 beta 2 today. This is the first time ever that I was able to turn on messages in the cloud and sync. With beta 1 I couldn't get my phone or iPad to turn on messages in the cloud as all. Immediately after installing beta 2, my phone synced 251.7 MB of messages to iCloud and then I got the notification saying that a message failed to send 306 days ago. I would clear the notification and then I would get it repeatedly. I then decided to restart my phone to eliminate the issue. Now the MB of imessages stored on iCloud has not changed in several hours as my phone does not appear to be uploading anything anymore.

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            Before iOS 11 Beta, Someone in the upgrade to iOS 10, the information app icon appears on the exclamation point. Was predicted because the information database data and results are not compatible with the export app flash. The solution at that time was closed and then reopened. Setting> Messages> Filter unknown senders.

            but for the iCloud Message Menu, i not find the menu, and did not view the effect

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              Honestly, I just rebooted my phone and it stopped happening. I also completed the sync from Messages on my computer, which might have contributed.