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        I've localized iOS projects successfuly in XCode, but this is an older 2011 (pre storyboard) project I'm trying to add Japanese to.  The NSLocalizedString part has all worked fine & displays correctly in simulator & device.  However the xib files I have localized simply do not show the localized strings no matter what I try.  The localized text does show correctly when I preview using the Assistant Editor so I'm mystified.  Any help appreciated.

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          Hello. We are experiencing this as well. The translations are working fine on the preview (assistant editor) but they are not on the simulator or device. It's a project that began pre-storyboard as well. However, XIB translations work correctly on the main project. We are experiencing this only on our own internal dynamic framework. We currently use Xcode 9.2 are have iOS9 as deployment target. Were you able to solve the problem?