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        Hi I just signed up to developer.apple.com today. I was told by my app developer that I needed to get the unity package but when I logged in I don't see packages anywhere in my dashboard. Please can anyone help me Thank you

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          Hi Sukree,

          It looks like you need to go to Unity's website to get the package you're looking for. I imagine you're looking for the unity framework for iOS? Or are you trying to write code in Unity? If so, then you definitely need to go to the Unity website, and then download their IDE and that will include all of their libraries. Once you've made an app in Unity you can then export it, and then you can upload it to iTunesConnect (using your Apple Developer account)

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              The Code is listed in the Siri Forum Kit on the developers...


              INSendMessageIncidentResponceKit; : XCSourceEditorCommandInvocation\


              The Siri Incident Responce Kit also cleary states that, it wont be availabe, if the Incident Responce is In Progress or In Failure or Active.


              The Code for that is:


              INSendMessageIncidentResponceKit; : XCSourceEditorCommandSUCcceSSs


              Text code Signature Invalid for Siri


              The code for that is:


              INSendMessageIncidentResponceKit; :