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        Good morning,


        Our institution is on its way to incorporating CareKit and ResearchKti workflows.  In the process of reserching the Kits, I noticed a really nice modular consent process as a part of ResearchKit.  The framework guided a potential enrollee through the informed consent on an iPhone in a stepwise fashion, and allowed a digital signature at the end.  I would LOVE to extract this process and utilize it throughout our entire institution for ALL informed consents.  Can anyone provide guidance as to if/how this can be done?  Thank you for your time.



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          Research Kit is open source, so you should be able to find the consent process code if you want to dig for it.  (You'll want to double check the license, first, of course.)   Although I think the definition of a "study" is loose enough that it could be used for all sorts of situations where you'd want informed consent documentation.


          The code's still going to be iOS-specific, though.  For other platforms, you'd have to get a different implementation.


          Have you looked at the material on researchkit.org?