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        Like many SLAM systems, the ability to trigger content at a specific location is quite hard.  How would we go about this with ARKit.


        I know Vuforia announced that integration would be implented down the track, but right now, how does one create content at a specific position in space, other than using some kind of target on a plane (as in the WWDC demo).




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          Have you sniffed the unity forums on this recently?

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              Not recently, as in the last few days.  


              I don't think it's possible yet unless you hack something together with something like ARToolkit - which allows you drive the AR system with still images (grabbed from the camera).


              I know Vuforia are planning an integration, but I dare say they will wait till the official release of IOS11 to launch.  They don't tend to support products that are in "beta" - which you can understand.