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        I've had to do a hard reset on my iPad Air three times in five days now to get it off the black screen with faint grey spinner after a night on charge. This morning, it would only show the battery flat screen (after being plugged into the charger all night).


        Wouldn't subsequently charge with the wall charger at all.


        Plugged it into my iMac. Took iTunes at least 10min to recognise it (I went away and left it for awhile). It then came back to life, on 3% charge, but still won't charge on any wall charger. Have tried both a restart and hard reset; no go. Both actions interestingly left the iPad unresponsive again until plugged back in to the iMac. Looks like it's now unusable unfortunately & I'll have to restore back to a previous version until the next beta comes out.

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          I had same thing happen today 11 beta glitchy, freezing apps, stuff not loading- all within the first hour of new upgrade. Then noticed iPad seemed really warm & battery draining fast so plugged it in... no dice. Put in recovery mode and attempted to downgrade back to previous version... it kept crashing my iTunes on my computer... I have an appt with Apple Store tomorrow. Fingers crossed it gets sorted.

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              Confirm had the same issue with my iPad Air (gen1). Was able to to restore iOS10 GA release. Going to re-install iOS11 and see if the issue occurs again. Since it's not my daily driver, not a big deal for me to wipe and load. I'm sure they'll get you fixed up at the Apple store.

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                  I'm also confirmed this issue with my iPad Air 1gen.

                  I tried charging my ipad with original power adopter(12W), PC, MBP and Anker multi USB Charger.

                  and none of it charge my ipad. I tried recovery and DFU too, but it turn it black when Apple logo shows with progress bar.

                  I hope this will fix when iOS 11 and iTunes release.

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                I can confirm this issue. Happened twice now. Restoring to 10.12.3 now

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                  Hi @all!

                  Somehow I'm really "glad" at the moment to read your stories

                  For about 1 1/2 week now I'm experiencing the same with my iPad Air 1 und iOS 11.

                  During this time I did some search through the forums but couldn't find anything similar to my issue, so I started wondering if my battery is broken.

                  After read your issues, I can tell that everything is "ok", at least with my battery.


                  It just seems as if my iPad doesn't like current any more...


                  Usually I drain my iPad's battery really low and afterwards charge it (12W wall plug).

                  After connecting to the charger it takes some time until the iPad has enough battery to start up.

                  However, what comes after this start up is a bootloop


                  The iPad boots until the charging sound is audible, then it is stuck with the Apple icon until it reboots, and so on.

                  During this process the iPad heats up and also drains battery, so the battery all in all isn't charged and the iPad dies on low battery, although it is connected to the charger


                  If one is really lucky, then iPad will stop trying to boot after several attempts (can take hours...) or one can somehow stop the iPad manually from booting.


                  Then the battery can be charged without directly burning all the energy during bootloops.

                  After some time, when one thinks the battery might be fully charged, one can try to boot the device again.

                  If this booting is down while still connected to the charger, one will end hearing the charge sound and seeing the Apple logo.

                  To not end in bootloop again, one either has to disconnect the charger immediately after the sound was played or directly boot without a charger connected to the device.


                  I really hope, that Apple will release an new preview without this bug next week.


                  Until that, I live with the procedure I figured out, knowing that I'm not the only one...


                  Hope this somehow helps you guys, too!

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                    I would like to add that I too have had the same issue with my iPad Air 2 using iOS 11.  After I have installed the beta it continues to flash the lightning bolt beside the battery like its going to charge, then the lightning bolt goes away.  Occasionally I get a message saying its not a supported device.  I am using the original iPAD charger and cable.  I have tried several cables and chargers as well.


                    The only way I have managed to get it to charge is to unplug and plug in the cable several times quickly unil the lightnigh bolt remains on the screen.


                    This MUST be fixed ASAP.   I was quite suprised it was not addressed in the iOS 11 Beta 2 Update 1 release.

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                      On my Air 2, the common (mentioned on web) fix works for me.


                      1. Unplug cable from charger and iPad.

                      2. Make sure screen is off (not powered off).

                      3. Plug lighting connector into device

                      4. Plug USB connector into charger (already plugged in and powered).

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                        This started happening to me on my iphone 6S on ios 11 Beta 6.

                        The charging bolt would come on then go away.  It just would not charge.  I tried a few different cables and power sources.

                        I thought maybe my lightning port was busted.  The screens was acting weird too (in locked mode, the clock was blurred out).  So I did a hard reset (battery was at 11%).  After hard reset, it wouldn't boot, I got the no battery icon.  After being charged for a few minutes it booted to a 3% phone that quickly went down to 1%.  Brought it to Apple, they couldn't fix it.  Only option was to replace the phone. Brought it home, decided to give it one more shot at charging (but turned it off completely). After a few hours, it booted with 100% battery. But plugging it in does not give me any indication that it's charging.

                        This phone only charges when it's completely powered down.