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        I'm trying to test an in-app purchase throught sandbox. I created test users in itunes connect, but in an accident my colleague verified the email for one of the test users. Now whenever I start up the app, the Sign In to iTunes Store alert comes up with that user's apple id. I removed it from itunes connect and logged out from app store on the device, but nothing helps.

        Any help is appreciated.



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          It's even worse. I get the sign in alert on the phone home screen and in other apps as well at random times.

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              Did you ever find a solution to this problem?  I am having the same issue where a sandbox testing account I created seems to be stuck in some corrupted state.  I would think logging in to let the app store resolve whatever issue it keeps trying to complete (perhaps an unfinished transaction) would fix the issue, but unfortunately, I can't log in when prompted because the credintials can't be verified.  I went as far as to delete the test user from iTunes Connect but that didn't seem to help.


              Any ideas?  Is there a way to "invalidate" or otherwise completely disable a previous sandbox testing account?