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        I'm attempting to sign-up for Search Ads and the sign-up page states...


        "You are about to sign up for a Search Ads account for the iTunes Connect account, XXXXX. An iTunes Connect account can only have one Search Ads account. Confirm or update the details below to sign up."


        ...and pre-fills the bulk of the form with my developer account details. (I'm the admin/agent role and indeed the only user using a standard rather than Enterprise developer account.)


        However, whenever I complete the details and attempt to agree to the T&Cs I get a "This account name already exists. Enter a different account name.  (Error: 1497086319695)" error. This occurs even if I use a different email address to my main developer account.


        As such, I'm just wondering if I'm supposed to create a new identity before I can create a Search Ads account? (Perhaps change my name by deed poll?), or am I missing something here?


        Thanks in advance.