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        Hello everyone,


        My company has put an existing iOS app in the app store before - therefore we have a distribution certificate and we had one developer certificate.


        Firstly, I did my homework - I have read all articles on how to deploy on iOS device and about distribution and developer certificates.

        What we don't wanna do - we don't want to revoke an existing certificate in any way - so we do not break our existing app on the app store.


        What we are actually doing - we are developing a new app that we want to deliver to our clients' devices, so they can test it out.


        I am successfully running the app on the iOS simulator, now I created an apple id, which I used to sign in XCode.

        My coworker, who has access to the certificate options has created a new developer certificate for me. I have added it on our mac and here come the issues. I do not see myself a developer anywhere in XCode, neither I see the development team, so I can't actually deploy on a device.


        I am sure we are missing something, as the person who was managing the iOS development is on a vacation at the moment and we are just shooting at random directions.


        I am asking this question, because I can not find a guide showing how to just add a new developer to the cycle. All tutorials are about creating certificates from scratch.


        Thank you for your time,