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        Hi All,


        Apple rejected my app yesterday for not following design guidelines. Below is there message ?


        Guideline 4.2.2 - Design



        We noticed that your app’s main functionality is to market your service, with limited or no user-facing interactive features or functionality. Apps that are primarily marketing materials or advertisements are not appropriate for the App Store.


        Please see attached screenshots for details.


        Next Steps


        We encourage you to review your app concept and incorporate different content and features that are in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.


        We understand that there are no hard and fast rules to define useful or entertaining, but Apple and Apple customers expect apps to provide a really great user experience. Apps should provide valuable utility or entertainment, draw people in by offering compelling capabilities or content, or enable people to do something they couldn't do before or in a way they couldn't do it before.


        We look forward to reviewing your revised app.


        Best Regards,


        The app is simple with following functionalities.

        1) Display list of Categories & products.

        2) Products detail screen

        3) Try It Option - Which opens camera or Gallery.  The image which is selected is placed on the image captured.

        -- Its more like one image on another. It helps users to select best matching furniture & furniture accessories.

        4) I'm Interested - Which sends user data to backend.

        5 ) Intro about the Company.



        Question : Do I need to add more functionality to get app accepted or Is there a way I can play around with UI & get it approved. Pls help!


        Folloiwng link to check designs of app - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3VUdj4v7BPmR2FqNlJWLWE0bUk?usp=sharing