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        My goal: Create a Cocoa Touch Framework that is a syncing framework for different Cloud API Storage Services (Azure, AWS, Filemaker API*)


        Currently, I use FileMaker Pro with FileMaker Go IOS APP SDK the most. FileMaker Inc. has created a Cocoa Touch Framework bundle that is basically an entire application within it, I assume the AppDelegate and ViewController classes are within it, but I can't tell because they are compiled.


        I would like to create a second Framework with Coca Touch that can run background tasks / downloads triggered by my custom framework.

        I have been sucessfull at embedding my framework along side FileMaker Go's iOS App SDK and running commands, I can push JSON, get JSON, and download files but only in the main thread, once the app goes to sleep the download triggered from my framework stops. I am using NSURLSession to do all of this. But as soon as I try to attach a NSURLSession Background Config everything stops working and fails.


        I do not have direct access to the App's AppDelegate or ViewController Classes. I cannot modify them direclty.


        NSURLSessionConfiguration *backgroundConfiguration = [NSURLSessionConfiguration backgroundSessionConfiguration:@"com.captech.NSURLSample.BackgroundSession"]; NSURLSession *backgroundSession = [NSURLSession sessionWithConfiguration:backgroundConfiguration delegate:self delegateQueue:nil];


        My problem lies I think in the delegate:self identifier. This never resolves. I have tried removing it but nothing downloads. I have tried a PCH prefix header to identiy the appdelegate but not luck. I also trid the (MyAppdD *) UIApp SharedApp delegate to try to get a reference but since the Framework I'm building isnt embeded in the app yet I don't think it can resolve.
        But if I can figure out how to reference the appdelegate or get around attaching new tasks to it so that I can run background downloads from my Cocoa Touch Framework that would be awesome.



        Any thoughts or suggestions on this Framework to Framework communication for the AppDelegate Self and Viewcontroller would be awesome.

        Please remember my coca touch framework that I am building must be able to compile before being added to the FileMaker SKD iOS APP Project.