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        We're proving a free pubic-access WiFi network.


        • Users select the WiFi hotpsot in Settings > WiFi

        • Captive Network Assistant tear sheet pops up

        • Users log-in via the Captive Network Assistant and are authenticated

        • Users can click "Done" button top-right of the CNA tear sheet to close it - or Users can click on the captive portal content to view web pages


        What we'd like - and we have seen this before - is to open any web content in Safari rather than in the CNA micro-browser in the tear sheet.


        It used to be the case that if one provided a full URL as a link, once the CNA was connected [eg. you see the "Done" button top-right] clicking in this link would open web content up in Safari.


        Now this functionality seems deprectated.


        This is a major issue as it means once users are logged-in we cannot offer them links to other areas of the capitve portal, such as news or service updates.  They're just dropped back into Settings > WiFi and would then need to manually boot Safari and visit more pages. Not a great user experience.


        Any ideas?  Seems like there are quite a few threads on this but with no definitive answers from Apple.