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        I need to restrict my app to only support devices with A8 or newer GPUs.

        In my info.plist I have the key UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities set to opengles-3.


        But this means that it supports A7 GPUs or newer. I have looked at all the keys and I don't see anyway to restrict A7 devices, but it seems like there most be a way since A8 GPUs are considerably more capable than the A7s. The require metal key supports the same devices that are OpenGL ES 3 capable. Requiring arm64 will not work either since the iPhone 5s has an A7 GPU.


        I find it hard to beleive that I am forced to support A7 GPUs when the A10 is over 400% more capable. I just can't provide a consistent user experience and results on the A7, and I don't want to have customers disappointed on older devices.


        Can anyone recommend a way to support only A8 or better?