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        Dear Community,


        first post, no idea if I am in the right forum, no idea if I am even allowed to discuss this here... so sorry in advance.


        For a more advanced project I need to build a Lightning Y-cable (1 male to 2 female) in the first step, that should enable me to use either of the female ports... not both at once of course. (Logic to prevent simultanious usage will be implemented later)

        I tried to use lightning extension cables (since I need no MFi chip for the Y-cable) and tried to solder something together... well after a lot of trial and error I am at a point where I would like to cancel the hole project at thist first step because as soon as I lay hand on those cables they stop working... even though they are just wires connecting A to B.


        Are the Lightning cables very sensitive to a change in resistance?

        Today I got the phone to charged at last... but that was all, and all I did was redo the soldering.

        Any idea if there are ready to use solutions or what I need to pay attention to when I solder them myself?


        Best regards,