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        Hi All,


        I'm working with two application modules:


        1) Recording module with this audioSession setup:



        try audioSession.setCategory(AVAudioSessionCategoryRecord)
            try audioSession.setMode(AVAudioSessionModeMeasurement)
            try audioSession.setPreferredIOBufferDuration(0.05)
            try self.audioSession.setActive(true)



        2) Recording module with this audioSession setup:


            try audioSession.setCategory(AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback)
            try audioSession.setMode(AVAudioSessionModeDefault)
            try self.audioSession.setActive(true)



        For each passage from 1->2 and 2-1 I have a

        try self.audioSession.setActive(false)


        If I pass from 1) module to 2) or redo 1) all works fine. Than if from 2) I come to 1) I get this error on

        try self.audioSession.setActive(true)



        This is the error:


            ERROR:    [0x16e10b000] >avae> AVAudioIONodeImpl.mm:365:

            _GetHWFormat: required condition is false: hwFormat



        What is this error related to? I can't find any help on Apple iOS documentation to understand where the problem can be.



        Does anybody have any tip?