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        Good Evening.


        This is probably a stupid question, so i do apologise if it is.


        I am new to app development on the IOS platform (web development i've done alot of), and I'm begining to work on an app that has the ability for a user to fill in a form, and then upon pressing submit, it formats that output into a simple tweet.


        To provide a better understanding the process is as follows.


        - User Selects new report

        - Selects report type from dropdown (this will have the @tag for the user account that the form will be tweeting, Example is that user selects Report one and it will output @report1 as example_

        - User enters cariage number (example 123M)

        - Breif description (example, This needs a clean)

        - Attach Photo (example photo1)


        RESULT OUTPUT (This is how the tweet should look from the input)

        Dear @report1 , Cariage 123M, This needs a clean. (Photo Attached to tweet automatically).


        It seems simple enough in my head, But I am trying to work out how to process this.


        Can someone please provide some assistance on just where to start, I would really appreciate the advice.