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        I am getting an error, it says "None of the valid provisioning profiles allowed the specified entitlements: com.apple.security.application-groups"


        Here is an image of the error:  https://goo.gl/3iPOvD


        But if I look at the profile that I am using, it definitely has App Groups in it.


        Here is an image showing I am not crazy:  https://goo.gl/r4VT07


        I have tried turning off the "Automatically manage signing", and turning it back on.  I have removed my developer account from Xcode and added it back in.


        It is cut off in the second image, but there are 6 Entitlements, the ones that are cut off are:






        So, the profile has the entitlement, but when Xcode goes to sign it, it does not see it for some reason.


        Any ideas on how to fix this that don't involve revoking profiles or anything???


        Thank you!