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        When I run my app from XCode debugger, it will occassionally freeze on the launch screen.  Presssing home button has no effect.  Double-press on home button will show the running apps as expected and fixes the problem:  the launch image will be replaced with my UI in that background view and bringing it back to foreground works fine.  Watching the log, I can see that my app responds to applicationWillResignActive shortly after launch, and goes into the background, as if user had pressed home button.  I can't see anything the device log that would explain it, although I don't really know what to look for.  Any suggestions?  I wonder, is it an issue interacting with the XCode debugger, and possibly nothing to worry about for deployed app?  I have seen this only on an iPad, running iOS 10.2.  The iPad is new, but I also made a lot of recent changes to code, so not sure of the relation.