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        Hello everybody.

        My Xcode build/tests kept failing with this error:


        Verify final result code for completed build operation

        Build operation failed without specifying any errors. Individual build tasks may have failed for unknown reasons.

        One possible cause is if there are too many (possibly zombie) processes; in this case, rebooting may fix the problem.

        Some individual build task failures (up to 12) may be listed below.


        I reproduce it like this:


        1. Clean everything, clean build folder, delete derived data

        2. Restart the mac

        3. run tests -> success

        4. build -> failed with this error


        From now on I cannot compile anymore until I clean the project again.


        I read all posts on StackOverflow and tried everything that they said with no luck.

        There's one comment that scares me a bit:


        "Having too many files and folders in the directory or sub-directories of where the project or workspace is located can cause this error."


        So, my question is: is it possible that an Xcode project reaches some kind of limit? e.g. in terms of number of source code files, or anything else I don't know.

        Please let me know, this is blocking my work.