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        I want to ask a question about App Transfer. We have succesfully transferred our iOS app to new developer account. App ID and bundle is transferred but there is no app group id and push notification certificate in new developer account.


        Our database is stored in the app group container and have to create same app group id in new developer account. I want to ask you if there is any risk to delete old app group id from old account and re-create the same app group id in new developer account. Will any App Store users affect data lose or etc ?


        Or, is there any other way to transfer App Group ID to new developer account ?



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          Hello mesut.dag,

          I unfortunately ran into the same problem: After the transfer from another account, the app groups don't seem to work anymore.


          This is the error message I get:


               An Application Group with Identifier 'my.app.identifier.group' is not available. Please enter a different string.


          Were you able to resolve the issue already?


          With best regards